Cecelia Gerard

Executive Coach | Leadership & Organizational Development

Impacting people for results

Impacting people for results means that when you partner with Cecelia and Soar2Achieve, you are gaining a thought, accountability, and celebration partner. Cecelia will work with you to define success in your terms and draw upon your strengths and experiences to reach your goals.

Cecelia’s Story

Cecelia Gerard is a master’s educated and ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified executive coach specializing in leadership and organizational development, engagement, and change management with more than 25 years’ experience.

From emerging leader to executive, Cecelia will help you define success on your terms, drawing upon your unique strengths and experiences to propel you to your desired goals.

Prior to launching Soar2Achieve Coaching, Cecelia held Human Resources leadership roles in the healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and marketing industries. Helping executives discover, define, and implement their goals and guiding leadership teams through workforce transformation and corporate cultural enrichment is her forte.  

More than a catchy name, Soar2Achieve is Cecelia’s philosophy, borne of a passion for impacting people and driving results. Team with Cecelia to gain a thought partner, an accountability partner, and a celebration partner.

The Story Behind Soar2Achieve, LLC

These commonly known motivations: “If you want to be an eagle, you have to soar with the eagles” and “You are the average of the ten people with whom you associate most” support our name. Successful professionals relate achievement to a milestone rather than a conclusion because leaders constantly reset their goals.

“Soar” creates momentum from the get-go, putting you on a trajectory to achieve by starting in the air. Thus, the bird in our logo. Fly with eagles and they will lift you.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the famous bird in Richard Bach’s classic novel of the same name, is an example of extreme determination and persistence. Nothing deterred Jonathan. He practiced deliberately under the notion, “When we argue our limitations, we get to keep them.”

Finally, the numeral 2 indicates a partnership. Partner with Cecelia and her team to take your game to the next level.

Begin the next phase of your success story today.

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